Webinar: Using Positive Psychology To Align Leaders with Employees To Create High Performing Teams

Presenter: Tom Muha, Ph.D., Director, PROPEL Institute    

Description: Discover 6 positive psychology principles that enable leaders to create positive engagement with employees in order to empower peak performance. Learn how to coach leaders to PROPEL:

  • Passion - controlling to collaborating
  • Relationships - disconnecting to appreciating
  • Optimism - blaming to improving
  • Proactive - weakening to strengthening
  • Energy - burning out to balancing
  • Legacy - diminishing to empowering

Format: Online videoconference

Fee: $50 per participant

CE's: Pending Approval

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST

Date: April 30, 2018


For additional questions please contact Daniel Newman or NaTasha Jordan.