2017 annual conference keynote speakers

the consulting psychology conference is less than 6 months away, and we are truly excited by the line up of events, keynote speakers and proposal submissions that we have received thus far! we can’t stand the thought of keeping it all to ourselves, so to give you something to talk about all weekend, we would like to announce our keynote speakers: robert eichinger, phd, lawrence jackson, mbaalec levenson, phd, and jennifer deal, phd.

robert eichinger, phd


dr. robert eichinger is currently president of teamtelligent, llc and senior director of solutions for matrixinsights. both organizations are engaged in the creation of web applications for talent development. previously bob was the vice chairman of the korn/ferry institute for korn/ferry international. also as co-founder and ceo of lominger international, bob brings more than five decades of experience working, teaching, consulting, and coaching. 

to read more about bob, download his complete bio here.


lawrence jackson, mba

lawrence jackson has over 30 years of senior executive experience with leading global consumer companies and retailers. his list of employers includes: mckinsey & company, safeway, inc., dollar general corp., wal-mart stores, inc. & pepsico. his leadership style and innovative thinking have allowed him to contribute in different industry sectors, making impressive changes. 

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download his complete bio here.

alec levenson, phd


dr. alec levenson is an economist and senior research scientist at the center for effective organizations, marshall school of business, university of southern california. his action research and consulting work with companies optimizes job, organization performance and hr systems through the application of organization design, job design, human capital analytics and strategic talent management.

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download his complete bio here.

jennifer deal, phd


dr. jennifer deal is a senior research scientist at the center for creative leadership (ccl©) in san diego, california. there she is the manager of ccl’s world leadership survey and the emerging leaders research project, and has published on topics such as generational issues, the always on work environment, the strategic use of information in negotiation, executive selection, cultural adaptability, global management, and women in management.

to read more about jennifer,
download her complete bio here.

the next wave of leadership: accelerating development while increasing impact

today, organizations and their leaders are faced with unprecedented challenges by globalization, evolving technology, and increasing workforce diversity, leading to rapid change, innovation, and massive disruption in the workplace. adding to the complexity of the current climate, seasoned leaders will be pressed to grow and adapt their skill sets as the way we engage, motivate, and talent continues to evolve. further, as the proportion of millennials in the workforce increases, they will be positioned to influence established organizations and shape new markets and business models.

consultants are in a unique position, considering we must strive to equip our clients with the agility to effectively respond to these disruptive forces, while we simultaneously navigate the rapidly evolving and chaotic climate successfully. as we prepare to guide a new wave of leadership and leaders into the workplace, we must be ready to answer:

  • what are the critical challenges we face?
  • how will we keep pace with the rate of change?
  • how will we provide focus in a shifting environment?
  • what new skills, models, and approaches will we need to be prepared to meet these new challenges successfully?


our 2017 conference sponsors




thursday, february 9: (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)

  • applications of the apa ethics code to organizational consulting psychology: foundational workshop* (stewart e. cooper, phd / rodney lowman, phd) – 3.5 ce credits – learn more
  • developing your (and your client’s) power for greater impact (judith s. blanton, phd / doug riddle, phd) – 3.5 ce credits – learn more
  • accelerating genuine leadership development (bruce j. avolio, phd) – 3.5 ce credits – learn more

thursday, february 9: (1:30 pm – 5:15 pm)

  • applications of the 2010 apa ethics code to organizational consulting psychology: advanced workshop* (rodney lowman, phd / stewart e. cooper, phd)  – 3.5 ce credits – learn more
  • managing diversity in executive coaching engagements: a relationship centered approach (richard r. kilburg, phd) – learn more
  • applied positive psychology based well-being coaching for health care professionals and health care industry culture change (i.e., bringing joy back to medicine) (jeffrey e. auerbach, phd) – 3.5 ce credits  learn more
  • evidence-based leadership assessment: the science of practice (b. alan echtenkamp, phd) – 3.5 ce credits  learn more

sunday, february 12: (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)

  • high velocity listening: transformational coaching when every moment counts (jeffrey w. hull, phd, bcc) – 3.5 ce credits  learn more
  • consulting for innovation: integrating cognitive styles, process and skills (min (marino) basadur, phd) – 3.5 ce credits – learn more


*this session may be used towards ethics ce credits. the foundational workshop is a prerequisite for the advanced ethics session.


read the apa ce grievance policy.