2021 SCP Annual Conference, February 4 - 7, 2021
Consulting Psychology as a Force for Positive Change



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Consulting psychologists are uniquely suited to help organizations and those who work in them prepare for change. Some feel we are at the beginning of 4IR (the Fourth Industrial Revolution) and the digitization of everything, including work. These new trends present great challenges that we help our clients meet in various ways. Challenges such as cybersecurity, corporate social responsibility, and the future of work are among these and papers and presentations on these topics are especially welcome. And for many, the challenge is how to conduct business as usual with changes coming fast and furious from every direction. Adapting our normal consulting practices and work, such as team building, assessment, and organizational interventions will also be topics of ongoing interest. This year especially, the work force has been challenged by the national response to COVID-19 and how our society deals with racial unrest. How can consulting psychology be a force for positive change? We’d like to hear your research, experiences, and suggestions.

  • Assessment
  • COVID-19
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Cyber
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Family Business
  • Future of Work
  • Teams
  • Techniques/Methods

Content that integrates the critical issue of diversity and inclusion will always be considered a plus in the submission evaluation process.

Assessment – A cornerstone of our work in organizations is individual assessment, whether for hire, development, placement, or succession. Specialized tools and selection methods in specific industries will be considered.

COVID-19 – The world of work has been thrown back on its heels due to the COVID epidemic. It has challenged businesses and the economy in ways most of us have never experienced. Have there been an learnings that can be shared from these experiences? What will the lasting effects on work be? We are interested in discussions of how businesses have coped, novel solutions, and anticipated future changes.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – topics that touch on the moral and ethical responsibility that corporations may (or may not) have in relation to the environment, the treatment of their workers, and their customers. Topics could include goals of the corporation, B corps, role of consultants in the face of unethical behavior, and our own contributions, as consultants, to CSR; other topics could include corporate histories as illustrative and legal evolution of the corporation.

Cyber – topics that touch on corporate needs for security and connection via computers and the internet. Topics could include criminal behavior and its prevention, workplace attitudes and vulnerabilities, and leadership/management issues related to the integration of computers and work.

Diversity and Inclusion – While there is a renewed interest in racism in society and the workplace, unfortunately there is nothing new about it. Discussions of longstanding challenges of hiring and maintaining a diverse workforce, how to work with companies looking to be more inclusive, and the challenges that minorities face, especially at the executive level, are important topics that will be strongly considered.

Family Business – Family businesses are unique in that there is often an interplay of emotional intelligence coupled with organizational savvy that is required from the consultant. Topics of interest include approaches and experiences with family business clients, typical problems, and workable solutions. Issues related to succession, fairness, and work readiness are typical family business concerns.

Future of Work – according to some, we are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution which refers to the digitalization of everything. This will affect work and the relationship of businesses to workers. Topics that may be worth exploring are the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and IOT (internet of things), privacy at work – or the lack thereof, gig work as the new normal, career and identity, machine-human interactions in the workplace.

Teams – Much of the work of organizations gets done in teams. Unique or successful approaches to team selection and development, as well as assessment of performance will be considered.

Techniques/Methods – This is a broad category that invites discussion of new developments, instruments, and methods for working with clients. A combination of data and a strong theoretical foundation would be most interesting submissions in this category. It is an opportunity to discuss new approaches or out-of-the-box thinking.

*We will always consider exciting or groundbreaking proposals in other areas.

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