2021 SCP Annual Conference, February 4 - 7, 2021
Consulting Psychology as a Force for Positive Change


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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

10:00AM - 2:00PM EST
Using Organizational Simulations to Develop Leadership in a Changing World | Skipton Leonard, PhD | 4 APA CE's
Interactive organizational simulations have been used to provide impactful leadership development programs for a number of decades. The Center for Creative Leadership's highly acclaimed "Looking Glass Experience", built around a highly realistic organizational simulation was first offered in 1979. Harvard Business School, known for their case studies, now offers 95 organizational simulation with 30 minutes to 18 hours in duration.

Mental Health Issues in Coaching: Competence vs Confidence | Julia Corcoran, PsyD | 4 APA CE's
Given the frequency and importance of mental health issues, professional coaches need to be able to draw appropriate professional boundaries based on their competencies while also supporting the client through evidence-based and ethical actions.

2:30PM - 6:30PM  EST

The Ethical Practice of Consulting Psychology | Rodney Lowman, PhD | 4 APA CE's
This interactive seminar will provide participants an overview of 2017 APA Ethics Code as applied to consulting psychology and discuss anticipated changes to the Code. It will emphasize how the principles and standards directly connected to consulting psychology at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Research on enhancing ethical decision making will be integrated into the program. Some legal issues are also covered. The workshop will include case vignettes provided by participants.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

10:00AM - 2:00PM EST

What's New in Career and Work Assessment: Integrating Interests, Abilities, and Personality | Rodney Lowman, PhD | 4 APA CE's
Psychologically-based career assessment is a powerful, and underutilized, tool for helping people chart well-fitting and productive careers. This area of psychological practice, though not new, is often not included in graduate training critera with the emphasis it deserves. This workshop will focus on three major individual difference domains relevant to career and work assessment: interests, abilities (broadly defined), and work-related personality characteristics. These are covered in the context of the purposes of the assessment and the specific presenting concerns. Highlights from the vast literature in each of these domain areas are summarized and recommendations for combining across domains are introduced. The workshop will also cover common errors made in such assessments including a) failing to measure in multiple domains; b) not integrating across domains; reliance on a single measure within a domain; and d) not being familiar with the current literature. The workshop will illustrate how to translate assessment data to real-world career and work concern.

Customer Development, Business Planning and Selling: Getting The Foundations Right When Running a Business Was Not Part of Your Training (or your DNA!) | Manuelle Charbonneau, PhD | CE's Pending

Few transitioning and established consulting psychologists were ever given the opportunity to develop a business mindset or to use the proper tools to run their practices like businesses. This lack of business exposure is endemic in all expertise-driven professional services firms regardless of their size and sector. This workshop covers the NEW fundamentals of running a consulting business in times of high uncertainty when traditional business planning and marketing principles may no longer apply. We will discuss and put into practice: branding principles, customer development and dream clients, market segments, solving real problems, value proposition, customer relationship management, and continuous adaptation. Participants will leave with actionable insights and practical tools they can start using immediately to better structure their marketing efforts.

2:30PM - 6:30PM  EST

Differences Make a Difference: Sharpening Insights and Effectiveness in Executive Coaching | Gregory Pennington, PhD and Layla Bokhari, PhD | 4 APA CE's

Differences make a difference. Effectively managing the dynamics of differences, including race, continues to be an area in which consulting psychology can have a positive impact on leaders, teams, and organizations. The increase in awareness of race as a factor, in large part stimulated by the focus on systemic racism in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in May, 2020. In addition to existing headwinds identified through research that effect Black leaders in corporate settings, the current focus on social justice has increased challenge of being effective coaching others when dynamics of differences are involved. This workshop builds on the experience of participants and evidence from psychology in the areas of race, diversity, bias, and change management to provide models for understanding when and how differences impact coaching engagements. It also outlines a framework for how to increase insight and effectiveness in executive coaching engagements by using case study examples, sharing best practices, and learning from skill practice opportunities.