2021 SCP Annual Conference, February 4 - 7, 2021
Consulting Psychology as a Force for Positive Change


November 15, 2020 – Poster Submission Deadline

Virtual Poster Design Requirements

  • Font size: 28pt or larger.
  • Recommend fonts: Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial. It’s possible that other fonts may have cross-operating system display issues. Letters should be easily read (avoid Old English and other "fancy" fonts).
  • Avoid background images and watermarks that may detract from the read-ability of your poster.


Important Information to Include on Your Poster

Include the following components in your poster presentation:


  • Title and Author Information:
    • Title
    • Subtitle
    • Author, Affiliation, City, Country (repeat for each author)
    • University/Affiliate Logos


  • Content:
    • Introduction/Short Description
    • Abstract/Long Description
    • Background/Relevance
    • Research Question/Hypothesis
    • Methods/Methodology
    • Participants/Sample
    • Results
    • Conclusion/Summary
    • References
    • Images


Submitting Your Completed Poster

Once you've completed your poster with the above information and formatted it - Please format the "Subject" of your email as follows: “Virtual Poster – Title.” Your file should be submitted by November 15.

Submit your poster to Disha Joshi, PsyD and Cedric Williams, PhD.




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