2021 SCP Annual Conference, February 4 - 7, 2021
Consulting Psychology as a Force for Positive Change



Adam Winkler, JD
Professor at UCLA School of Law

Title of Presentation: We The Corporations

Presentation will describe case histories that show the history of how corporations have pursued a long-standing, strategic effort to establish and expand their constitutional protections, often employing many of the same strategies as other well-known movements: civil disobedience, test cases, and the pursuit of innovative legal claims in a purposeful effort to reshape the law. Core questions that will be answered include 'How did we get here?', Is a corporation an artificial 'person' with rights and duties independent of its members? Or is it a collection of people associating with one another? And, in turn, what constitutional rights protect it?

Allycin Powell-Hicks  

Allycin Powell-Hicks, PhD
Founder DOUX Consulting Group

Title of Presentation: How to Decolonize your Practice or Company

In the wake of COVID-19 we are experiencing a pandemic with an a pandemic. Systemic racism, though always present, is finally taking up enough space in the public psyche to create change. This awakening, triggered by the murder of George Floyd, has led to protest and progress on one side and pushback and denial on the other. Many consultants, psychologists, doctors, and other professionals pivoted quickly to reflect the new reality and were  surprised when their attempts did not garner the responses they expected. In this presentation I will seek to educate listeners on how they can begin to decolonize their companies, their practices, and themselves. Creating meaningful touch points to attract clients as well as deepening their own connection to humanity.

Mary Aiken  

Mary Aiken, PhD
Professor Forensic Cyberpsychology, University of East London

Title of Presentation: The Cyber Effect

Professor Mary Aiken is a Cyberpsychologist, an expert on the impact of technology on humankind. She will introduce the science of Cyberpsychology, explaining how human behaviour changes in cyber contexts, and will discuss her specialist area Forensic Cyberpsychology, that is, the study of criminal, deviant and abnormal behaviour online. She will cover the 'Online Disinhibition Effect' (Suler, 2004), the power of anonymity online, along with psychological immersion, escalation (White & Horvitz, 2009), behavioural manipulation online (Aiken, 2018a), youth hacking (Aiken et al., 2016a) and trolling as a manifestation of everyday sadism (Buckels et al., 2014) in technology mediated environments. Prof. Aiken will explain why Cyberspace should be conceptualised an actual environment (Aiken, 2018b) as a powerful psychological space and she will discuss her book "The Cyber Effect (Aiken, 2016b). She will describe the profound and pervasive impact of the Internet on humankind and will explain the difference between cybersecurity which focuses on data/information, and new evolutions in cyber safety which focus on people. She will discuss her work in the area of "Online Harms" (DCMS, 2019) ranging from cyberbullying to mis/disinformation online. Prof. Aiken will also outline UK plans for a world-leading package of measures to keep users safe online – initiatives which will emphasise ‘duty of care’ and corporate responsibilities to users especially those users who may be vulnerable online, such as children and young people. Prof. Aiken will discuss her latest UK government advisory research report which highlights an exciting opportunity on an international basis to become actively involved in building out a new sector, that is, the "Online Safety Technology” sector or SafetyTech (Donaldson et al., 2020). Prof. Aiken will discuss her latest research findings regarding US SafetyTech initiatives, the aim being to provide technology solutions to technology facilitated online harms – an initiative that will create jobs, generate investment, build businesses and solve techno social problems, and in doing so create a better Cybersociety and a safer Cyberspace.

Ken Morris  

Ken Morris, PhD
President, Lightbulb Press

Title of Presentation: Applications of Consulting Psychology in Creating a Brand

Presentation will describe compelling case histories that show the application of consulting psychology methods and principles in guiding an organization to redefine itself and clarify its brand proposition and differentiating qualities. Core topics will include the importance of active listening, interpreting intent and underlying concerns, and developing resolutions that address internal behaviors and motivation as well as core business objectives.


2021 Conference Co-Chairs

NaTasha Jordan

NaTasha Jordan, PhD
Jay Finkelman

Jay Finkelman, PhD, MBA, MLS, ABPP

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