DE&I Conference Scholarship


Aim of Scholarship
The DEI Domain serves as an access point for all knowledge, training, and research exchange on matters of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility at the Society of Consulting Psychology (SCP). The purpose of the DEIA Excellence Scholarship is to promote the continued practice, professional development, and commitment to DEI Service within the Domain and SCP at large.

Benefits to Scholarship Awardees
Scholarship recipients benefit by receiving compensation that can be used to attend the Society of Consulting Psychology’s 2023 Mid-Winter Conference. Likewise, the scholarship will assist recipients in continued professional development as the funds could be used to attend workshops at the Conference or in other ways that the Scholarship Finalists deem useful.

Scholarship Criteria
Finalists are determined based on willingness to contribute to the DEI domain and SCP. The scholarship program is intended to increase the participation and leadership of under-represented communities in the Society. Likewise, a stipulation of the scholarship is that Nominees commit to a Service Learning Project in the DEI Domain from the Fall of 2022 to the Fall of 2023.

Brief Interview
Select Nominees may be asked to attend a brief 20-minute interview in either late-November or early-December with the DEI Domain Lead. The interview will clarify expectations and ensure agreement with the DEI Domain’s 1-year Service Learning commitment.

Expected Use of Funds
Scholarship Finalists must be planning to attend the Division 13 Mid-Winter Conference in 2023. The $1,000 scholarship should be used to partly or fully fund travel experiences to the Conference including event registration, food and lodging, transportation, workshops (optional), or any relevant travel expenses.

Selection Process
1). The Scholarship Nominee submits their application by November 30th, 2022.

2). The Nominee undergoes a brief 20-minute eligibility interview.

3). Selection Committee reviews applications to determine eligibility criteria are met.

4). Committee Members anonymously vote on promotion to the Finalist round.

5). Scholarship Awardees are notified via email (by December 2022).

6). Allocated Funds are released to Awardees.

Finalists are awarded a $1,000 DEIA Excellence Scholarship if approved by the selection committee and upon pledging to serve the DEI Domain for 1 calendar year.* Finalists would be required to engage in a Service Learning Project in partnership with the Consulting Psychology Journal (CPJ) or another fitting service area. Scholarship recipients would work under the direction of the DEI Domain Lead.

*Note – Flexibility can be structured into the 1-year project to make it amenable to the recipient’s schedule and to honor the DEI Domain’s commitment to the work-life balance of our volunteer contributors.