Division 13 Awards

Nominations are due by November 1, 2018!

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Society of Consulting Psychology Award Recipients

Society of Consulting Psychology Exemplary Impact Commendations

2015: Judy Blanton, Alok Sawhney
2014: Rodney Lowman
2008: Ben Dattner
2007: Harry Levinson, Kerry Cronan
2006: Paul Ofman, John Fennig, Vicki Vandaveer, Ann O’Roark

RHR International Award for Excellence in Consultation

2018: Karol Wasylyshyn
John R. Fulkerson
Rob Silzer
2015: Randy White
2014: David Peterson
2013: Richard Kilburg
2009: Vicki Vandaveer
2008: Lester Tobias
2007: Colonel Frank Budd
2006: Jag Sheth
2005: Susan Mohrman
2004: Dale Thompson
2003: Richard C. Diedrich
2002: Gordon Gibson
2001: Thomas E. Backer
2000: Julian P. Sonn
1999: Ken Bradt
1998: Salvatore Maddi
1997: Ed Lawler
1996: Tom Miller
1995: Warren A. Ketcham
1994: Arthur M. Freedman
1992: Henry Janzen
1991: DeWayne Kurpius
1990: Vytautas Biwliauskas
1989: Sylvia Hertz
1988: Edgar H. Schein
1987: Chris Argyris
1986: Douglas Bray
1985: Edward Glaser
1984: Harry Levinson
1983: Warren Bennis

Society of Consulting Psychology Service Award

2014: Amy Owen
Stewart Cooper
 Paul Winum
2008: Rodney Lowman
2007: Virginia Mullin
2006: Ann O’Roark
2005: Judith Blanton
2004: Harry Levinson
2003: Paul Lloyd
2002: Alvin Haimson
2001: Skip Leonard
2000: Sharon E. Robinson Kurpius

The LWF Award for Excellence in Developing Consulting Psychologists (2014 first year)

2018: Judith Blanton
Carol Lynn and Dick Olson
2015: Dee Ramsel
2014: John Fennig

SCP Award for Early Career Innovation in Consulting Psychology

2018: Jonathan Kirschner

SCP Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Consulting

2018: Greg Pennington



Nominations for all awards are due by November 1, 2018. Winners will be notified by January 8, 2019, and awards will be presented at the 2019 Conference in Fort Worth, TX (Feb. 6–10, 2019).

Please send all nominations to Heather Kennedy, [email protected].

For questions about eligibility or clarification of requirements, contact Becky Turner, [email protected].

Small Grants Competition 
Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research
 and the Society of Consulting Psychology sponsor an annual small grants competition to support applied research directly related to consulting psychology at the individual, group and/or organizational level.