SCP Book Series

Fundamentals of Consulting Psychology

Consulting Psychology In National Security Organizations
By Moret, Laurie B.; Greene, Carroll H. III
This book surveys the rewarding consulting opportunities that await psychologists in national security settings and describes the strategies and skills that are required for succeeding in this unique field.

Copyright: 2019 | Softcover

Learning Interventions For Consultants: Building The Talent That Drives Business
By London, Manuel; Diamante, Thomas
This book outlines a five-step process for designing and implementing learning interventions for individual employees, teams, and entire organizations. These interventions promote continuous learning, innovation, and organizational growth and productivity.

Copyright: 2018 | Softcover

By Lowman, Rodney L.; Cooper, Stewart E.

This book, based on the APA Ethics Code, reviews the unique ethical issues that psychologists encounter when working as consultants in business and other organizational settings at three levels of practice: individual, group, and organizational.

Copyright: 2018 | Softcover

An Introduction To Consulting Psychology: Working With Individuals, Groups, And Organizations
By Lowman, Rodney L.
This book provides a broad introduction to consulting psychology that reviews assessment and intervention at three levels of competency — individual, group, and organizational — including how these levels interact.

Copyright: 2016 | Softcover

By Glover, Jerry; Friedman, Harris L.

This book provides a framework for addressing cultural conflicts within organizations, not just for consulting and organizational psychology practitioners, but for a broad spectrum of professionals, executives, and community leaders.

Copyright: 2015 | Softcover

Using Feedback In Organizational Consulting
By Gregory, Jane Brodie; Levy, Paul E.
This book presents easy-to-use, evidence-based strategies for providing effective feedback to improve communication and performance in the workplace.

Copyright: 2015 | Softcover