Denison Consulting

Building a High Performance Business Culture

Denison Consulting’s culture and leadership assessments and consulting practice are based on our well-established research on the impact that corporate culture has on business performance.  This research was developed first at the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School and then at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland, where Dan Denison is now Professor Emeritus. Denison Consulting has worked with thousands of organizations all over the world and our work is now available in over fifty languages.  Denison Consulting, LLC is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

The Advantages of Our Integrated Approach

Our approach is unique because we use the same well-researched model for both our organizational culture assessment, the Denison Organizational Culture Survey, and for our leadership 360, the Denison Leadership Development Survey.  In many corporations, organizational assessments and organizational change efforts are quite disconnected from leadership development efforts.  By providing an integrated approach to both culture and leadership, Denison provides a platform for combining these efforts.  Denison also provides a third assessment, the Denison Leadership Potential Report, which was developed in collaboration with Hogan Assessments, and reports out the Hogan personality results in terms of the Denison Model.  A systematic overview of this assessment is beyond the scope of this workshop, but we will provide an overview and some sample reports.

Addressing Issues for Coaches and Consultants

Our integrated approach to culture and leadership allows us to address some important issues for coaches and consultants that are frequently neglected.  What are the implications of organization-level action planning for the leadership development agenda?  How do new leaders fit with the organizational culture?  What are the fit issues that should be addressed during the on-boarding process?  How does an individual leader’s development agenda fit with the needs of the organization?  These issues are critically important in coaching leaders to improve their effectiveness and in creating a heightened sense of the leadership development agenda that is required to make an organization more effective.  This approach also allows us to identify leaders who have the requisite skills needed to drive culture change within the organization, but may still be a neglected resource during the organizational change process.

Driving Transformation

We hope that you can join us for our one-day certification workshop, which will be held on February 6th, as part of the SPIM/SCP 2019 Conference.  You will learn:

  • The Denison Model and the research that lies behind it
  • How to apply the Denison culture and leadership assessments
  • How to interpret the results from our culture and leadership assessments and turn those results into a set of action plans
  • The consulting and coaching process that we have designed to support our assessments

This workshop is designed for experienced organizational change consultants and leadership coaches who are interested in improving their practice by adding a working knowledge of two of the world’s leading culture & leadership assessments.  The workshop will give an overview of our model, the research base, and the methodologies that we have developed to deliver both of these assessments. 

A free pilot assessment is available to those who successfully complete the workshop. Dan Denison will deliver this workshop using a series of case studies on culture transformation, leadership development, and on using our culture & leadership tools in combination.

Register by January 21. A signed copy of our most recent book will be available to all participants.