Why do some leaders succeed and others derail?

Business is not just a set of strategies, but a complex web of human interactions that require self-awareness—the ability to recognize and stay cognizant of behaviors in the moment. Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. Because people are generally too polite to give us feedback, data based assessments and 360 feedbacks are funda

mental to help us uncover EQ related blind spots. Understanding how others view us is a key element of self-knowledge, so we need to keep feedback channels open.

Independent studies have supported the use of the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0) for coaching managers. The EQ-i 2.0 model is an easy way to visually describe what EI is and which skill areas contribute to a 

coachee’s overall emotional effectiveness. Emotional intelligence is not about being emotional; it’s about being effective in our lives regardless of the role we are playing. It’s about using our emotions in a healthy and effective way so that we can be successful at work and in life.

Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS), a leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years, is honored to be a Diamond Sponsor of the 2019 Joint SPIM/SCP Conference. Our emotional intelligence tool, the EQ-i 2.0, will be featured as one of the highlighted Tools of the Trade.

Our Founder, Dr. Steven Stein is the author and coauthor of several books in emotional intelligence including the international best-seller The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success. A leading expert on psychological assessment and emotional intelligence, he has consulted to military 

and government agencies, as well as corporate organizations.

At the conference, Dr. Stein will present a concurrent session along with Federal Aviation Administration’s Polli DeWalt, Workforce Development Strategy Lead and Heather Thorson, Senior Change Management Advisor entitled Lessons Learned in Implementing an Emotional Intelligence Based Coaching Program at the FAA.

MHS’ Diamond sponsorship supports the SCP/SPIM mission of expanding knowledge and the transfer of psychological science to real-world settings. This conference is a chance to connect with valued colleagues, learn from senior-level consulting psychologists, and attend presentations by world-class senior executives. We hope you’ll join us.

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