The EQ Coaching Workshop



Dana C. Ackley, PhD
EQ Leader Inc.

As a Result of This Workshop, Participants will:

  • Learn how small firms and individual consultants can successfully acquire new business without huge marketing outlays
  • Learn how to negotiate win/win agreements with organizations so they will invite you back after your first engagement
  • Learn how to offer an approach consistent with the way Chief Learning Officers think
  • Coaches will add new coaching tools to their repertoire, such as brain-based behavior change, uncovering/overcoming hidden assumptions that block growth, and developing and using homework strategies (twenty-two coaching tools reviewed)
  • Build additional revenue streams - acquire models for providing services beyond individual coaching, including team building retreats, group coaching, consulting on conflict, and interview-based 360 assessments
  • Receive samples of custom reports for individual EQ assessments, 360 interview assessments, team functioning assessments
  • Receive 186 exercises to develop each of the sixteen EQ skills measured by the EQ-i 2.0. Menus may be distributed to participants’ clients on participants’ letterhead as part of their coaching engagements.
Workship Overview
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 For more information or questions on the EQ Workshop, please contact Scott Serviss at [email protected].