The SCP Funds

Division 13 General Fund - DONATE TODAY!
Division 13 Research Fund- DONATE NOW!

Create the Future

The Society for Consulting Psychology is actively working on research, education, and early career initiatives that will advance the profession, keep our community informed of developments in consulting psychology scholarship, research, and practice, and educate the public on our contributions. Working with The American Psychological Foundation (which is a separate and independently incorporated organization, not a part of APA), we have established The SCP Funds. These two funds, one focused on supporting general efforts to advance our field and one focused specifically on research, are a secure, well-managed, and tax-deductible way for your to help participate in shaping the future of our division and our profession. Each fund is structured as a trust; all monies raised are used to generate investment income which is used to support SCP’s mission. Because only the investment income can be spent, your donation will become an ongoing, living, and recurrent gift to future researchers, educators, students, and practitioners. Investment income will be used for grants, awards, and conference through a closely controlled application/review/monitoring process.

The SCP Funds are a way for you to directly contribute to our efforts to:

  • Advance consulting psychology research through research grants
  • Help train the next generation of consulting psychologists through scholarships to support students and early career professionals
  • Increase public awareness of the benefits and applicability of consulting psychology to organizational challenges
  • Conduct philanthropic activities on behalf of psychology
  • Keep participation at our conference affordable for all 

Choose Where to Have Impact

Once each fund reaches $100,000, we can begin to put its income to use.  And as the fund continues to grow, our ability to expand the impact of our efforts will increase as well. Your donation can be directed to one or both of two channels:

  • The General Fund is used to underwrite our public outreach, conferences, educational, and philanthropic efforts.
  • The Research Fund is used exclusively to advance the knowledge base that supports consulting psychology.

Can’t choose? You may also let SCP determine where the gift is needed most. 

One Day’s Work Makes a Difference

Has SCP played even a small part in your career and professional development?  If so, please consider sharing a small part of your success through The SCP Funds.  If each active member of SCP gave a gift equal the earnings from one day’s work – at whatever amount that may be – we could immediately grow the Funds to the level that would let us make meaningful and ongoing contributions to our divisional researchers, educators, and practitioners. Support our profession today while helping to create the next generation of consulting psychologists!

One’s Life Work will Last Forever

Has SCP played a major role in your career?  Are you considering making a larger donation or a legacy gift?  You can provide us with a tremendous means of support, and we can provide you with special recognition.  Please contact any of the committee members to discuss your interests.


Division 13 Fund Committee
  • Judith Albino, PhD; Chair
  • Arthur M. Freedman, MBA, PhD; Director
  • Steve Kincaid, PhD; Director (2009 SCP President)
  • Rodney L. Lowman, PhD; Advisor (2001 SCP President)