Participant Application Information

The SCP Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) is focused on growing leadership within Division 13 through a cohort of individuals who are interested in developing their leadership capacity and actively collaborating with the SCP Board on key division-wide projects.  The 2019-2020 LDI participants will kick off the year-long program on April 26th, 2019 with a two day retreat in conjunction with the SCP Executive Board meeting in Philadelphia.  The cohort will engage in developmental assessments, simulations, team building, peer coaching and focused experiential leadership opportunities.  

In addition, all participants will assist with an SCP project in which they will work closely with a Project Sponsor to expand their leadership while making a meaningful contribution to the Society. The LDI participants will work with their mentors throughout the year to outline and execute on the goals and deliverables for each project.  In addition to project work, the participants will meet as group on a monthly basis to explore a variety of learning objectives. The program will conclude at the CPC Conference in Philadelphia in February 2020. 

The SCP Leadership Development Initiative is an innovative program that is an endeavor that builds the Society’s leadership pipeline for future roles within SCP as well as to offer a valuable development and networking experience to members seeking increased involvement and engagement in the Society.  SCP Members who are interested in growing their leadership and are passionate about serving SCP are encouraged to apply for the program. SCP is seeking to involve and engage members with diverse perspectives. All are encouraged to apply!


  • Receive personalized leadership feedback and coaching throughout the year
  • Network with the seasoned consultants who make up the SCP Leadership Council and Board Members throughout the year
  • Learn about how a non-profit professional association is run and how to influence change across a volunteer organization
  • Learn about the American Psychological Association at a National Level
  • Build meaningful relationships with peers who are also interested in future leadership roles within the Society
  • Partner with an executive board member to lead a project that will produce meaningful change within the Society
  • Invest in preparing yourself for a future leadership role within SCP


  • Assist with leading a meaningful project that will help SCP to carry out its mission across the year of the program
  • Work to have a positive influence through building relationships within SCP and knowledge about the organization


  • Attend a retreat in Philadelphia, PA on April 26-27, 2019. 
  • Overnight lodging, meals and learning experiences will be provided to participants. Participants will be expected to cover the cost of travel  to/from Philadelphia.
  • Participate in monthly LDI calls or webinars with a variety of learning objectives
  • Complete the LDI program leadership assessments prior to the retreat
  • Deliver on your project commitments in a timely manner and communicate with your mentor
  • Support your fellow participants in executing their projects throughout the year
  • Serve as a professional and welcoming SCP representative when interacting with SCP members and stakeholders
  • Be a member of Division 13/SCP (To join, click here.)

Application process has closed for 2019-2-2020.