SCP Leadership Development Initiative

Our keystone leadership development program is the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI).  The LDI is designed to grow our emerging leadership within Division 13 by engaging a cohort of individuals each year who want to build their leadership capabilities and actively collaborate with the SCP Board on key division-wide projects.  The inaugural class of eleven LDI participants kicked off in February 2017 with a three-day retreat prior to the Consulting Psychology Conference in Seattle.  The cohort engaged in developmental assessments, simulations, team building, peer coaching and focused experiential leadership opportunities. 

After the retreat, each participant was matched with a specific SCP project and mentor.  The LDI participants will work with their mentors throughout the year to outline and execute on the goals, learning objectives and deliverables for each project.  In addition to project work, the participants will meet as group monthly with the Leadership Development Initiative co-chairs, Carolyn Humphrey and Melanie Kinser.  The purpose of the meetings is to provide opportunities for coaching, peer group discussions, project management activities, reports of progress on learning objectives, discussions regarding presentations at the Consulting Psychology Conference or APA.  

The First LDI class will conclude their year with presentations of projects and key learnings at the Consulting Psychology Conference in Savannah in February 2018.  

LDI - 2019 - Application
LDI - 2018 - Past Class