SCP Microlearning Challenge

SCP’s Education Domain is hosting a Microlearning Challenge with an award given to the best microlearning content submitted.

What is microlearning? 

Microlearning is a training and development strategy based on brief, focused learning interventions which are easy to consume on the go.  Over the past decade, Microlearning has taken hold of corporations, universities, and the public at large. According to ATD, 92% of training and development professionals expect their organizations to begin using microlearning in the near future (Cole, 2017).

We are looking for consultants to submit any of the following:

  • Short educational videos (1-10 minutes, with 2-5 minutes as ideal)
  • Infographics
  • Consulting Tips

 Benefits in participating:

  • Your Microlearning content may be shown at the 2020 SCP Conference in Philadelphia. 
  • Your Microlearning content may be featured on SCP’s Social Media pages, and you will receive credit for the content you create. This gives you the opportunity to enhance your brand and promote your consulting business. 
  • You could win the SCP Microlearning Award
  • Creating microlearning content for SCP represents a significant contribution to your fellow SCP members.  The Education Domain would like to expand microlearning in the coming years, and we would like to crowdsource the development of SCP’s microlearning content.

How can I create microlearning content?

Click here to read our guidelines and tools that will help you to create content quickly.

You can ask any questions about the Microlearning Challenge, or submit your Microlearning video to:
Will Hasek – [email protected] and Scott Serviss – [email protected]


Cole, M. (2017, March 23). Just how micro is microlearning? Retrieved July 12, 2019, from Association for Talent Development: