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The Science of Effective Coaching


1.5 CE

Great coaches move us. They move us through a basic human process—our emotions. Effective coaches are literally in tune with others around them, establishing a deep emotional connection with others called resonance. They nurture these resonant relationships through mindfulness, hope, compassion, and playfulness. The combined effect of vision-based coaching and resonant client relationships results in dramatically more effective coaching experiences.


The Power of Power: Dealing with Personal and Organizational Power in the Workplace

1.5 CE

Power dynamics are often viewed as negative and/or ignored. It is a complex and emotionally loaded concept in individual relationships and within an organization. This presentation will deal with power in the organizational context with the goals of helping consultants and coaches work effectively within the power dynamics of an organization and to understand their own relationship with power. Dr. Blanton will review classic and more recent research on power. She will also address potential dangers in power relations (such as denial, over-identification, and exploitation. She will use case examples from her own practice and provide practical applications.


Coaching Elite Performers

1.5 CE

This 90-minute presentation focuses on (1) many of the intra and interpersonal dynamics most effective in achieving credibility and influence with elite performers and (2) a conceptual system for the integration of coaching investigations and interventions. Though case examples include a focus on elite military members (Special Forces, Marine Raiders, etc.) the principles presented are powerful when applied to the coaching of any uniquely talented, intellectually bright, aggressive and highly competitive individuals or groups. Though examples are specific and concrete, the principles conceptually represent the balancing of confidence and humility in coaching demeanor, mindful investigation of client needs, and the development of functional strengths in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of client performance.


The Science of Self-Confidence: Helping Leaders Gain and Demonstrate the Confidence they Need to Succeed

1.5 CE

For leaders, feeling and demonstrating self-confidence is a necessity. It can influence motivation to set stretch goals, learn new skills and develop in areas they find challenging. We will examine new global leadership research exploring the relationship between self-confidence and effectiveness, and the behavioral correlates of self-confidence. We will also discuss practical strategies for improving self-confidence using 360 assessments.


Personality Strengths as Your Career Brand

1.5 CE

The Career Branding Exercise (CBE) is an innovative methodology designed to help people understand themselves and communicate their personal brand in simple accurate language. The model is based upon interpreting the Big Five Model from a strength psychology perspective. The goal of the exercise is to turn a personality strength into a professional distinction. By the end of the session, participants will write a memorable, meaningful and concise (seven word) statement that captures the essence of who they are. It is critical that participants experience the CBE and develop their own branding statement. Going through the process themselves will allow them to speak to clients from a first-person perspective.

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