Policy on Preventing Discrimination & Fostering Diversity & Inclusion 

Preventing Bias and Discrimination

The Society of Consulting Psychology (SCP) supports efforts to eliminate and prevent unjust, unfair, or biased treatment of people or groups based on their identities—especially when those identities are marginalized.  Discrimination in any form damages people, and weakens organizations and societies.  It is contrary to the ethical principles of professional psychologists.  Equity and fairness are fundamental values for workplaces and organizations of all types.  We deplore expressions of hatred and bigotry that seek to diminish groups of people based on implicit or explicit biases and stereotypes, and join with other psychological associations in advocating for proactive efforts to eliminate and prevent discrimination. 

Commitment to Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

SCP strives to be an inclusive organization, and to inspire our members and affiliates to foster diversity and inclusion in the organizations and among the clients with which they work.  One of our key goals is to advance multiculturalism and diversity, so that people can work together in ways that support them in contributing their strengths toward the larger whole. In this effort, we also create opportunities to learn about the benefits of diversity and inclusion and to disseminate what we learn to our stakeholders and clients. To further our commitment, SCP supports its Diversity and Inclusion Committee and its mission.