Tenure of Position: One-year term, which begins at the close of the Consulting Psychology Conference board meeting

Reports to: Executive Board

Purpose of Role: The primary purpose of this role is to preside at all meetings, act as Chair of the Executive Board of the Society, exercise supervision over the affairs of the Society with the approval of the Executive Board, be an ex-officio member of all committees, and perform such other duties as are incident to the office or as may properly be required by vote of the Executive Board

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work with the immediate past-president as well as key members of the Executive Board to set the Society’s agenda, including objectives and deliverables for the coming year
  • Finalize the SCP annual budget and ensure alignment with current year and longer term priorities
  • Revise and update the SCP Leadership Handbook (e.g. organization chart, directory) to align with current year initiatives and distribute to the Leadership Council
  • Recruit new members to the Committee Chairs & Liaison roles to fill vacated positions
  • Monitor Society finances to ensure fiscal responsibility
  • Plan annual communications calendar, including messages from the president as well as members of the Leadership Council
  • Review SCP website on a regular basis and plan annual upgrades/ improvements to keep the site fresh and compelling to the membership
  • Respond to all requests from the American Psychological Association in a timely basis. Distribute communications from APA to the membership as appropriate
  • Complete the Division Presidents report and submit to APA (February)
  • Design and facilitate SCP Leadership Council and Executive Board meetings (Consulting Psychology Conference, APA and Conference calls)
  • Ensure Executive Board decisions are documented appropriately
  • Manage all record keeping for the Society
  • Ensure continuity and productive partnerships with the leadership from other societies / organizations (for example, SPIM, SIOP or SHRM) as appropriate
  • Work with the in-coming SCP president to plan the annual Executive Board retreat
  • Ensure meeting output is documented and distributed back to participants
  • Plan annual deliverables as well as distribution of work with Management Firm, Executive Board members and APA Division Services
  • Work with the Consulting Psychology Conference Chair(s), APA Program Chair to plan annual conference.  Provide support and resources as appropriate
  • Assure Society is focused on its mission and sustainable strategies for achieving long-term success
  • Build and leverage collaborative relationships with APA, other Divisions, and other organizations

General Requirements: Effective Time Management (show up to meetings), Action-Oriented (drive tasks to execution), Adaptable to Change (flexible when things need to shift)

To be considered for the position of President, please contact Heather Kennedy.