Tenure of Position: One-year term shall, which begins at the close of the Consulting Psychology Conference board meeting

Reports to: President

Purpose of Role: The primary purpose of this role is to provide continuity of leadership and serve as a member of the Executive Board, perform such other duties as may properly be required by vote of the Executive Board or delegated by the President, and perform the duties of the President-Elect, other than succeeding automatically as President in the event of the absence of incapacity of the latter

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Respond to requests from the President for attention to selected Division activities and "to perform the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the later." Article III, 2.
  • Review Division Bylaws, policies, procedures, organizational structure and budgets
  • Follow through on long range planning initiatives and update strategic goals/objectives
  • Survey [or review recent surveys of] member interests and needs; Establish themes and focus issues for term of office
  • Invite candidates for appointment, confirm as early as possible:
    • APA Program Chair
    • APA Hospitality Suite Schedule & Refreshments Consulting Psychology Conference Program Chair
    • Consulting Psychology Conference Meeting Planner
  • Consult with key leaders to identify Interests & needs:
    • Journal Editor(s)
    • Membership Chair
    • Education & Training; CE Administrator
  • Chair the Finance Committee
    • Hold quarterly Finance Committee Calls or as needed by SCP financial activity

General Requirements: Effective Time Management (show up to meetings), Action-Oriented (drive tasks to execution), Adaptable to Change (flexible when things need to shift)

To be considered for the position of President-Elect, please contact Heather Kennedy.