APA 2020 Virtual Convention
Society of Consulting Psychology Programming
Consulting Psychology: A Force for Positive Change
August 6-8, 2020
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Thursday 8/6

Live Q/A Discussion:

Employing a Positive, Inclusive Consulting Model to Improve Behavioral Health Services and Outcomes

David Stayner, PhD, Yale University Program for Recovery and Community Health, New Haven, CT
Dietra Hawkins, PsyD, Both and Partners, Inc., Atlanta, GA

The speakers will present consulting change strategies and a few core findings from their work as lead Consultants in a 3-year Recovery & Resilience Focused Transformation Initiative with all 24 Georgia State, public sector behavioral health providers. An integrated, positive consulting approach (drawing upon Appreciative Inquiry, Cultural Competency and other sources) will be discussed. Three participants in the Georgia consultation (BH Agency leaders) will present outcomes/impacts of this consultation approach on their own agencies, as well as important lessons learned.  Sustaining positive change momentum, a few core lessons learned and challenges encountered, as well as measurement of the impacts of positive organizational change will also be addressed.

When and Where: 1.75 CE* at ​SCP OnDemand platform (available 8/6). Live Q/A Discussion on Thurs. 8/6 at 4:30pm EDT over Zoom.

SCP Diversity & Inclusion Event:

Onward: A Discussion on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Description: In this session, panelists will discuss their work of consulting, advising, and coaching senior leaders during societal changes and organizational shifts.

Moderator: Cedric Williams, PhD

Panelists: Karen Wilson-Starks, PhD
Greg Pennington, PhD
Lawrence James, PhD
Kym Harris-Lee, EdD

When and where: Thurs. 8/6 from 6-6:50pm EDT over Zoom.

Friday 8/7

Live Q/A Discussion:

Leading with Integrity in an Impeachable World

Niama Malachi, PsyD, Chicago, IL

Description: Considering this crucial point in history, we need consultants and leaders in all spheres, who are empowered and able to act on part of the whole. Key decisions should be made in alignment with an individual or organizations core values and through the application of these principles when faced with ethical dilemmas. This session aims to provide attendees with the essential tools needed to recognize potential ethical risks and the ability to employ integrity in consulting and leadership roles.

When and Where: 1.0 CE* at SCP OnDemand platform (available 8/6). Live Q/A Discussion on Fri. 8/7 at 10am EDT over Zoom.

Live Q/A Discussion:

Creating an Engaged and Diverse Culture Within Your Organization

Lisa White, PhD, MSW, Integrated Leadership Systems, Westerville, OH

Description: In this session, learn about the elements that drive inclusiveness, as well as factors that create division and apathy. Learn valuable strategies to increase awareness and to help clients overcome diversity-oriented biases and fears.

When and Where: APA 2020 Portal (Includes Disqus Chat). Live Q/A Discussion over Zoom on Fri. 8/7 at 2pm EDT.

SCP Presidential Address:

Nothing Quite So Practical: The Role of Theory in General Applied Psychology

(A live conversation based on Dr. Sirkin's APA 2020 Portal pre-recorded session.)

Speaker: Mark Sirkin, PhD

Description: Learn about options for an integrated theoretical approach as GAP becomes an accepted third branch of psychology. Consider the theoretical underpinnings that could support GAP in education, research, and application.

When and where: Fri. 8/7 from 5:45-6:30pm EDT over Zoom.

Attendees are encouraged to view Dr. Sirkin's APA 2020 Virtual Portal session in advance to better engage in the live conversation. Available for 1.0 CE* at SCP OnDemand platform (coming soon).

SCP Social Hour:

Conversations and Cocktails

Participants: All SCP members, including new, veteran, prospective, and significant others welcome.

Description: After joining SCP President Dr. Mark Sirkin for his Presidential Address, come out and relax with members of SCP. Schmooze with old friends and meet some new ones. Bring a beverage of your choice. Significant others are welcome.

When and where: Fri. 8/7 from 6:30-7:30pm EDT over Zoom.

Saturday 8/8

CE Eligible Live Symposium:

Using Organizational Data to Enhance Leadership Development

Chair/Presenter: Courtney Barrett Smith, PsyD, VHA National Center for Organization Development, Midlothian, VA

Title: Using Organizational Data to Grow Engagement

Co-Presenter: Ashley LaBarre, PsyD, U.S. Army, Ft. Bragg, NC

Title: Assessing and Coaching High-Performing Leaders

Co-Presenter: Mykel Selph, MPH, Deloitte, Chicago, IL

Title: Building Effective Teams/Leaders Through Diversity and Inclusion

Description: Three consultants will deliver presentations showcasing best practices in workforce data utilized in a range of public, private and active duty settings in areas of employee engagement, executive coaching, and diversity/inclusion and equity.

When and where: Hosted and facilitated by our Session Co-Sponsor, Division 19, The Society for Military Psychology on Sat. 8/8 from 9-10:50am over Zoom.

A version of this session is also available for CE* Credit at SCP OnDemand platform (available 8/6) and without credit on APA 2020 Virtual Portal.

Social Event:

SCP New and Prospective Member Breakfast/Brunch

Hosted by SCP with:
Mark Sirkin, PhD, SCP President
NaTasha Jordan, PhD, SCP Membership Chair
Adam Feiner, PsyD, MBA, APA 2020 SCP Program Chair

Description: Come join our SCP President, Dr. Mark Sirkin, our membership chair, Dr. NaTasha Jordan, and other members of our Executive and Leadership Teams. Learn more about the Society of Consulting Psychology over your morning coffee, breakfast, or brunch.

​When and where:Sat. 8/8 from 10-10:50am EDT over Zoom.

Live Q/A Discussion:

How Do You Successfully Consult to Technical Leaders?

Joanie B. Connell, PhD, Flexible Work Solutions, Inc., La Jolla, CA
Co-Participant: Eric W. Roth, PhD, Independent Practice, San Diego, CA

Description: Are different consulting methods necessary when working with technical leaders? What are best practices for success? All from novices to experts are invited as we explore different perspectives and approaches when consulting to technical leaders.

When and Where: ​Available: APA 2020 Portal (Includes Disqus Chat). Live Q/A Discussion on Sat. 8/8 at 2pm EDT over ZOOM. Live Disqus "Office Hours" Sat. 8/8 at 4pm EDT.

Live Q/A Discussion:

What's Different About Consulting to Technical Leaders?

Joanie B. Connell, PhD, Flexible Work Solutions, Inc., La Jolla, CA

Description: Interviews with over 20 organizational consultants reveal that they face different challenges when consulting to technical leaders. This poster presents themes from the content analysis of the interviews and quotes that illustrate the different challenges. Discussion questions are posed to initiate dialog on the implications to the field of consulting psychology.

When and Where: APA 2020 Portal with live Q/A Discussion on Sat. 8/8 at 2pm EDT over Zoom.

Developmental Session:

Breaking into Consulting Psychology Panel Session

​Greg Pennington, PhD
​NaTasha Jordan, PhD
Lubna Somjee, PhD
Mira Brancu, PhD

Description: Organizational consulting--whether with individuals, teams, or organizations--is a rapidly growing practice area for psychologists. Clinical skills are a valuable element of consulting. Join our panel of consulting psychologists and learn more about the specific core competencies required and actions you can take to help you expand your practice and break into consulting.

When and Where:Thurs. 8/8 from 3-3:50pm EDT over Zoom.

Live Q/A Discussion:

Responding to Emergent Mental Health Issues in the Context of Leadership Coaching: Competence vs. Confidence

Chair/Presenter: Julia B. Corcoran, PsyD
Co-Presenter: Sarah Greenberg, MFT, MEd

Description: Leaders are not immune to mental health issues. We will address how professional coaches can balance setting appropriate professional boundaries with leaders exhibiting mental health issues while supporting them in an evidence-based, ethical manner.

When and Where: APA 2020 Portal (includes Disqus Chat); SCP OnDemand platform for 1.0 CE* Credit (available 8/6); Live Q/A Discussion on Sat. 8/8 at 5pm EDT over Zoom.

For questions, please contact APA 2020 SCP Program Chair Adam Feiner or SCP Executive Director Heather Kennedy.
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