Tenure of Position: Three years, beginning at the close of the Consulting Psychology Conference board meeting at which the election is announced

Reports to: President

Purpose of Role: The primary purpose of this role shall encompass both correspondence and record keeping.

Primary Responsibilities        

  • Reviews and updates the following documents annually (after February Board meeting) and/or as personnel or policy changes occur:
    • SCP Handbook (e.g., sections containing the organizational chart, yearly goals and objectives, Executive Board and Leadership Council contact information, etc.)
    • SCP Onboarding Kit (e.g., all links that connect to information that changes on a yearly basis such as the organizational chart, goals and objectives, budget overview, etc.
    • SCP Bylaws (as needed when changes occur)
  • In collaboration with the SCP Management company assists in Issuing calls, notices and agendas of meetings and of other necessary business, and engage in such other correspondence as shall be directed by the Executive Board.
  • In collaboration with SCP board Management company assists in maintaining accurate and up-to-date electronic minutes of the actions of the Society, its Executive Board and distributing them as needed.
  • Responsible for the publication to the membership of any proposed amendments to the Bylaws, as specified in Article IX - Amendments, and upon adoption of such amendments, shall see to the distribution of the amended Bylaws to the membership
  • Serve as a member of the Executive Board and as a member of the Archives Committee
  • Attend annual Board meetings at the annual APA convention and SCP  Consulting Psychology Conference
  • Attend any SCP board retreat that may be scheduled
  • Record minutes of APA,  Consulting Psychology Conference, and retreat Board meetings
  • Correspond with APA on relevant Division matters including programming, appointments, announcements, etc.
  • Contribute materials to Division archives and assist the Archives Coordinator

General Requirements: Effective Time Management (show up to meetings), Action-Oriented (drive tasks to execution), Adaptable to Change (flexible when things need to shift)

To be considered for the position of Secretary, please contact Heather Kennedy.