Webinar: Diversity & Inclusion

Title: "Exploring Inclusion and Its Paradoxes: Toward Truly Engaging Diversity as a Valued Resource in Consulting and Coaching”

Bernardo M. Ferdman, PhD. 
(bio: http://bit.ly/ferdman-bio)
Distinguished Professor, Alliant International University
Principal, Ferdman Consulting

Abstract: What makes diversity and inclusion—seemingly so simple—also so complicated and difficult to achieve? What are some of the key challenges and tensions that often arise as we strive to create inclusive organizations and groups? In this interactive webinar, we will explore three key paradoxes or challenges of inclusion—those involving self-expression and identity, boundaries and norms, and safety and comfort—and consider their implications for and applications in consulting and coaching. 

Target Audience: Post-Doc/Early Career, Transitioning Psychologists, Mid-level Psychologists, Senior-Level Psychologists