Diversity & Inclusion Continuing Education

SCP D&I Continuing Education

Self-as-Instrument Series: Race
Monday, October 5, 2020 | 6:30-8pm EST / 3:30-5pm PST

1.5 CEs


Grace Hung

I-Ching Grace Hung, Ph.D.

I-Ching Grace Hung is a Taiwanese-Canadian, US-educated psychologist specializing in multiculturally informed counseling and consulting services. She is currently the Global Director of Counseling & Psychological Services at Minerva Schools, and a Senior Consultant at DILAN Consulting Group. She is also in the position of “The Fountain,” a.k.a. continuing education officer, in the D&I Committee of SCP. She is the facilitator of the Self-as-Instrument series.

Snehal Kumar

Dr. Snehal Kumar

Dr. Snehal Kumar, founder of Compassionate Change Psychological Consulting P.C., is an Indian-born US-educated licensed psychologist based in New York City. She offers culturally-attentive counseling, consulting, and supervision services to individuals and organizations. She specializes in self-worth, burnout, life transitions, mindfulness, and identity-related concerns.


Diversity work begins with ourselves. This sentiment is perhaps felt even more deeply to us as change agents. Taking inspiration from psychodrama and the power of storytelling, this D&I continuing education series is designed to facilitate the challenge of “doing the work” for each of us. Starting with race as the theme, two protagonists will share their personal narrative as racial, ethnic, and cultural beings, with the audience playing their role as reflective listeners. Transitioning from being “audience,” participants will then have the opportunity to discuss their own reactions, learnings, and areas of growth amongst breakout groups, according to self-identified racial categories. Being witness to another’s story is a gift, and precious “grist for the mill” for our own discoveries.

This continuing education series is free to SCP members. Participants who attend the storying session can receive 1.5 CEs. Participants are also encouraged to attend the follow-up Formation Group discussion one week later, which offers an additional 1 CE. The storying session allows reflection on our personal identities, whereas the Formation Group involves how we may “apply the work” in our professional lives. Please arrive on time to prevent disrupting the session.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this training session, participants will be able to:

1) Describe two examples of racial, ethnic or cultural experiences that may be different from their own, which can serve as insight in identifying their own cultural narratives.
2) Compare and analyze their own racial, ethnic, or cultural identities, based on the content provided by the speakers.
3) Discuss the influence of personal cultural narratives in shaping professional competency regarding diversity and inclusion.

Charge: Free for SCP Members / $20 for non-SCP members

Formation Group
Monday, October 12 | 6:30-7:30pm EST / 3:30-4:30pm PST

1.0 CE


Participants who attended the Self-as-Instrument storying session are invited to reconvene in a follow-up Formation Group one week later. In this Formation Group, participants will extend the discussion of their personal racial, ethnic, and cultural identities to explore how self-insight can be used to inform their professional roles. Participants will first have the opportunity to share their learnings from the storying session, then transfer these learnings to professional competencies through guided prompts in breakout groups. Finally, participants will summarize key takeaways on tangible ways we can apply self-as-instrument to improve our work as consulting psychologists, as well as methods for deepening our practice in diversity.