Division 13 – Society of Consulting Psychology

Seattle, WA + Virtual
August 8-10, 2024

APA 2024 is where practitioners, researchers, educators, and applied psychologists from around the world come together to share transformative ideas and explore the most compelling issues in the discipline.

SCP Division Programming 

Date Time SessionName Presenter(s) Room SessionType
Thursday, August 8 10:00AM – 11:50AM Breaking Into Consulting: Emerging Trends and Evolving Strategies Gregory Pennington, PhD
Ryan C. Warner, PhD
Sunni Lampasso, PsyD, ACC
Disha Joshi, PsyD, MBA
Skagit 5 Symposium
Thursday, August 10 1:00PM – 1:50PM Everything You Want To Know About Becoming A Coach But Are Afraid to Ask Shannon Jennings, PsyD, LMHC
Ujjayni Brawley, MPS
603 Skill Building
Thursday, August 11 3:00PM – 3:50PM Coaching at the Interface of Work and Mental Health Rodney Lowman, PhD, ABAP 604 Skill Building
Friday, August 9 8:00AM – 8:50AM Looking in the Mirror: Managing Similarities in Executive Coaching Engagements Gregory Pennington, PhD 612 Critical Conversations
Friday, August 9 9:00AM – 9:50AM Persistent Ethical Challenges in AI: The Haves and the Have Nots Joanie Connell, PhD
Larry Norton, PhD
Rodney Lowman, PhD, ABAP
Claude-Helene Mayer, PhD
307-308 Data Blitz
Friday, August 9 3:00PM – 3:50PM Inside the executive – consulting psychologist partnership: a multiyear collaboration Marc Sokol, PhD 303 Critical Conversations
Friday, August 9 5:00PM – 5:50PM Division 13, Open Business Meeting for members and prospective members of the Society of Consulting Psychology, led by Incoming President Marc Sokol Marc Sokol, PhD Capitol Hill Business Meeting
Friday, August 9 6:00PM – 7:30PM Division 13 Social Hour TBD Social Hour
Saturday, August 10 8:00AM – 8:50AM Planning for success: Why every business, practice, and professional needs an actionable strategic plan Catherine Hambley, PhD 605 Skill Building
Saturday, August 10 1:00PM – 1:50PM Global Perspectives on Capability-Building & Culture Change Paul El-Meouchy, PhD 605 Critical Conversations
Saturday, August 10 2:00PM – 2:50PM Anti-Racist Cultural Competence, and the Very Large Elephant of Islamophobia in Professional Spaces Rehman Abdulrehman, PhD 3A Critical Conversations