Cultivating diversity, inclusion, and equity in the practice of Consulting Psychology

Cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion in the practice of Consulting Psychology 


The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion domain is to further SCP’s commitment to and engagement with diversity and to help SCP become more inclusive. We work to highlight the importance of inclusion, to help SCP gain the benefits of diversity, and to foster a Society that serves all its current and potential members, in alignment with one of SCP’s key goals: advancing multiculturalism, internationalism, and diversity (e.g., ethnicity, race, disability status, age, sexual orientation, students, career stage, gender diversity and identity, and international affiliates), and cultivating inclusion (especially in terms of safety, voice, authenticity, and power) in all matters with the Society, particularly as they relate to practice, training, and research in consulting psychology.

SCP strives to be an inclusive organization, and to inspire our members and affiliates to foster diversity and inclusion in the organizations and among the clients with which they work.  One of our key goals is to advance multiculturalism and diversity, so that people can work together in ways that support them in contributing their strengths toward the larger whole. In this effort, we also create opportunities to learn about the benefits of diversity and inclusion and to disseminate what we learn to our stakeholders and clients. To further our commitment, SCP supports its Diversity Equity and Inclusion domain and its mission.

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