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Promoting Consulting Psychology as a science, profession, and catalyst for effective growth and change


The Advocacy Domain is the voice of SCP with members, affiliated organizations, governmental bodies, and the communities where we live and work. Our goal is to help promote and advance Consulting Psychology on multiple levels, to improve the well-being of individuals and organizations. This particularly involves disadvantaged and neglected populations including, but not limited to, children, adolescents, older people, and veterans and service members.

We want SCP members and others to know who we are, what we do, what we have to offer them, and why SCP’s role is important. To accomplish this, we collaborate with APA and its divisions, while also partnering with other organizations inside and outside of psychology. We communicate through newsletters, social media outreach, blogging, and various other methods.

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Fostering Consulting Psychology connections for professional and personal fulfillment


SCP members share a unifying commitment to apply psychological insights for the success of individuals, groups, and organizations. The Community Domain’s goal is to foster a collegial, friendly atmosphere nurturing and celebrating our members’ professional and personal accomplishments. As we continuously expand the knowledge base of our profession, we also work to create a supportive, intellectually robust community that offers valuable insights and useful resources.

We offer members various ways to stay abreast of the latest research in the Consulting Psychology field, further their careers, and expand their network, reach, and impact. Resources and tools available to the SCP community include: access to member directory, interest groups, conferences, mentoring, grant eligibility, education programs, and leadership opportunities.

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The Education Domain offers opportunities to better understand our field and the competencies needed to intervene effectively with individuals, teams, and organizations. Our goal is to support members’ education and professional development needs – at any experience level. We accomplish this by providing Continuing Education learning opportunities at the SCP conference, through live webinars, and via on-demand training.

Our Transitioning into Consulting multiple-session learning series details competencies in SCP’s guidelines for education and training at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. And we offer several multiple-session, case-based series for beginner, mid-career, and experienced consultants

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Aiding Consulting Psychology practice, methodologies, and knowledge application


The goal of the Research Domain is to advance the knowledge and practice of Consulting Psychology for individuals, teams, and organizations. Our goal is to publish and promote notable works — both empirical and conceptual — that reach academic and consulting practitioner audiences with the latest thinking in our discipline.

We currently have two publication streams focused on research and practice. These are the quarterly academic journal, Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research (CPJ), which is international in scope, and the Fundamentals of Consulting Psychology book series, currently comprised of six volumes. The American Psychological Association publishes both.

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Cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion in the practice of Consulting Psychology 


The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion domain is to further SCP’s commitment to and engagement with diversity and to help SCP become more inclusive. We work to highlight the importance of inclusion, to help SCP gain the benefits of diversity, and to foster a Society that serves all its current and potential members, in alignment with one of SCP’s key goals: advancing multiculturalism, internationalism, and diversity (e.g., ethnicity, race, disability status, age, sexual orientation, students, career stage, gender diversity and identity, and international affiliates), and cultivating inclusion (especially in terms of safety, voice, authenticity, and power) in all matters with the Society, particularly as they relate to practice, training, and research in consulting psychology.

SCP strives to be an inclusive organization, and to inspire our members and affiliates to foster diversity and inclusion in the organizations and among the clients with which they work.  One of our key goals is to advance multiculturalism and diversity, so that people can work together in ways that support them in contributing their strengths toward the larger whole. In this effort, we also create opportunities to learn about the benefits of diversity and inclusion and to disseminate what we learn to our stakeholders and clients. To further our commitment, SCP supports its Diversity Equity and Inclusion domain and its mission.

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