About SCP

Our Mission

We represent psychologists who consult with individuals, groups and organizations in order to catalyze growth and change. Whether we work with start-ups or multi-nationals, for-profit or non-profit, educational, healthcare, corporate or government, we strive to add value for the benefit of individuals, institutions, and society. We achieve this by expanding knowledge and the transfer of psychological science to real-world settings, providing education, mentoring and thought leadership, and advocating for psychological consulting in the context of an inspired community.

What is our focus?

We encourage the involvement of people with education and experience in psychology, of all ages and experience, who provide any type of consulting service (advisory, coaching, mentoring, training, learning, technology, etc.) to individuals, groups, teams or organizations.

How will we achieve our mission?

We strive to stimulate and promote change and growth in our members, who in turn impact their clients by helping them work towards a purpose that reflects the good of the organization (including, when relevant, shareholders), the environment, and society at large. We do this by providing a wide range of services including:

  • Encouraging the science of psychological consulting by conducting and supporting research on individuals, groups, organizations and consulting practice.
  • Educating, training and mentoring members about research and best practice.
  • Providing thought leadership to the APA and the broader community about the benefits of psychological consulting.
  • Advocating for and communicating the value, benefits and needs of consulting psychologists.
  • Creating an inspired community of psychological consultants that builds collegiality, professional networks, and friendship.

We know we are being successful if our members feel:

  • Engaged and engaging
  • Inspired and inspiring
  • Authentic and self-aware
  • Challenged and stimulated
  • Impactful and influenced

SCP Values

The Society of Consulting Psychology wants anyone who participates in our society or our events to feel a sense of Inspired Community. We do this by bringing the following values to life:

  • Engagement - Ensuring members and participants feel the organization adds value to their business, personal and professional experience;
  • Inspiration - Facilitating others’ vision for themselves, their organizations, and the profession;
  • Authenticity - Allowing others to be themselves, and express themselves, in ways that are open to and inclusive of others’ different selves;
  • Challenge - Helping each other learn, develop, and grow as professionals;
  • Impact - Making a difference for our members, other participants in the organization, our clients, and their organizations.