About SCP

Strategic Plan

SCP Mission: Our primary purpose

We champion and support an inspired community of psychologists who advance the practice and discipline of consulting to individuals, groups, and organizations.


SCP Vision: Where we are headed

The Society of Consulting Psychology is a diverse community that elevates each member’s professional potential. Members feel known, valued, and engaged.


SCP Core Values: The behaviors we encourage

  • Mutual respect: Embracing differences, understanding their importance, and responding with curiosity and care.
  • Responsibility: Holding ourselves accountable for a psychologically safe climate in our Society. Taking ownership for the impact of our words and actions.
  • Learning community: Valuing the science of psychology, its methods, and its application. Striving to serve each other as a resource, mentor, and/or peer coach.


Ensuring a Welcoming and Safe Community for all

  • Our core values are the foundation
  • Appreciate others for behaviors that enhance a safe and welcoming community
  • Respond to complaints and/or concerns of violations to our core values
  • Develop a process to ensure timely and effective responsiveness (draft process complete and awaiting board approval)


Strategies: How we achieve our vision

  1. Enhance member engagement
  • Grow regional groups
  • Leverage and expand SIG’s
  • Provide opportunities for peer consultation and mentoring
  • Grow student membership and initiatives

            Guiding principles:

    • Recruit diverse expertise in the society to staff these initiatives
    • Provide resources to make it easier and more rewarding to join and lead these engagement opportunities
    • Quality control to make sure engagement is high value
  1. Create and capture our unique value (as consulting psychologists)
  • Increase brand awareness, internally and externally
  • Outreach to academic programs
  • Expand our voice in APA
  • Leverage our IP, educational programs, and people to showcase our value
  • Give people resources to help them increase brand awareness
  • Quality control to keep consistent “brand” across channels
  • Financial sustainability with a focus on legacy/donors – ? domain focused on development


Metrics/Targets: Measuring our Progress

  1. Increase in people’s perception of professional potential and feeling valued; (e.g., measured by interviews, survey of perceived professional potential, client surveys, 1-question polls on Slack)
  2. New member promoter score
  3. Attendee promoter score
  4. At least 50% of members involved in some SCP program/activity
  5. Increase in student involvement
  6. Attain or exceed our financial budget year to year
  7. Maintain number of members to at least 820 (track quantity of active members; increase the number, measure this financially)


Strategic Plan: Next Steps

  • Every action plan has a lead person
  • Finish defining our metrics (and include target numbers)
  • Use of documents to track progress
  • Keep the plan in front of us at every board meeting
  • Provide opportunities for keeping members informed and involved