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Advancing Science To Improve Consulting Outcomes

The goal of the Research Domain is to advance the knowledge and practice of Consulting Psychology for individuals, teams, and organizations. Our goal is to publish and promote notable works – both empirical and conceptual – that reach academic and consulting practitioner audiences with the latest thinking in our discipline.

We currently have two publication streams focused on research and practice. These are the quarterly academic journal, Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research (CPJ), which is international in scope, and the Fundamentals of Consulting Psychology book series, currently comprised of six volumes. The American Psychological Association publishes both.

Explore the many SCP resources available to stay current with research, practical applications, and strategies.

Transcultural Competence: Navigating Cultural Differences In The Global Community

This book provides a framework for addressing cultural conflicts within organizations, not just for consulting and organizational psychology practitioners, but for a broad spectrum of professionals, executives, and community leaders.


An Introduction To Consulting Psychology: Working With Individuals, Groups, And Organizations

This book provides a broad introduction to consulting psychology that reviews assessment and intervention at three levels of competency — individual, group, and organizational — including how these levels interact.


The Ethical Practice Of Consulting Psychology

This book, based on the APA Ethics Code, reviews the unique ethical issues that psychologists encounter when working as consultants in business and other organizational settings at three levels of practice: individual, group, and organizational.


Learning Interventions For Consultants: Building The Talent That Drives Business

This book outlines a five-step process for designing and implementing learning interventions for individual employees, teams, and entire organizations. These interventions promote continuous learning, innovation, and organizational growth and productivity.


Consulting Psychology In National Security Organizations

This book surveys the rewarding consulting opportunities that await psychologists in national security settings and describes the strategies and skills that are required for succeeding in this unique field.


Consulting Psychology Journal

Consulting Psychology Journal® is published by the Educational Publishing Foundation in collaboration with APA Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13). The mission of this journal is to advance knowledge and practice in all areas of consulting psychology (including but not limited to coaching, assessment, leadership, corporate consulting, consulting to schools, team consulting, etc.).


Introduction to Consulting Psychology

An Introduction to Consulting Psychology: Working with Individuals, Groups, and Organizations by Rodney L. Lowman, PhD, Distinguished Professor, CSPP/Alliant International University.


Influence and Impact: Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs From You The Most

Optimize your career development by focusing on what your job requires and what your colleagues need. Doing the right job the right way is critical to your professional success. Influence and Impact: Discover and Excel at What Your Organization Needs From You The Most provides an easy-to-follow, common-sense approach to building influence at any level of an organization.


Elliott Jaques Memorial Publication Award

Each year, members of the Consulting Psychology Journal Editorial Review Board are invited to cast their votes for article of the year, with an emphasis on applying the discipline of psychology to solve significant issues faced by contemporary organizations. Authors of the winning article receive the Elliott Jaques Memorial Publication Award.


Consulting to Technical Leaders, Teams, and Organizations: Building Leadership in STEM Environments

This book presents a rich discussion of the opportunities organizational consultants have to impact the development of technical leaders, teams, and organizations. The expansion of the tech sector has revolutionized how processes are conducted in almost every realm, from farming to medicine to communication to retail and so much more.


Assessing CEOs and Senior Leaders: A Primer for Consultants

Assessment of executive and senior-level positions requires special consideration. Executive assessment is a specialized application of individual psychological assessment that is focused on executive and senior leadership positions. This population warrants special consideration because of the large and lasting impact they have on the health and vitality of an organization. Hiring or promotional mistakes can be costly.


Coaching Psychology: Catalyzing Excellence in Organizational Leaders

Coaching Psychology: Catalyzing Excellence in Organizational Leadership brings evidence-based methods and models to the practice of leadership coaching for professional and personal growth.