The Ethical Practice Of Consulting Psychology

The Ethical Practice Of Consulting Psychology

By Lowman, Rodney L.; Cooper, Stewart E. ORDER

Psychologists who work in business and other organizational settings encounter unique ethical issues that do not tend to arise in traditional clinical practice. This volume provides an overview of these issues for consulting psychologists, graduate students, and practitioners in other fields who want to transition to organizational consulting.

Using the APA Ethics Code as its foundation, Rodney L. Lowman and Stewart E. Cooper teach readers how to make ethical decisions when conducting assessments and applying interventions with individual employees, work groups, and entire organizations, small and large.

The authors explore common themes in ethical practice, including informed consent, confidentiality, multiple relationships, conflicts of interest, and competence. They demonstrate how these issues manifest differently in the work environment through vivid case examples that bring to life the concrete work of consulting psychologists.

These informative vignettes teach readers how to negotiate complex challenges, such as when organizational demands and questionable business practices come into conflict with psychologists’ ethical responsibilities. Special attention is given to emerging areas of practice, including telepsychology, multinational and multicultural consulting, and coaching.


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