An Introduction To Consulting Psychology Working With Individuals, Groups, And Organizations

Introduction to Consulting Psychology


An Introduction to Consulting Psychology: Working with Individuals, Groups, and Organizations by Rodney L. Lowman, PhD, Distinguished Professor, CSPP/Alliant International University. Available now at: and

This book provides a broad introduction to consulting psychology that reviews assessment and intervention at three levels of competency — individual, group, and organizational — including how these levels interact. The various consulting activities surveyed include:

  • screening potential job candidates;
  • coaching individuals to help them adapt to new roles and manage relationships with colleagues;
  • evaluating and improving work group dynamics, such as communication patterns; and
  • working with different organizational cultures to enhance system-wide processes and structures.

Leadership is given special focus as a complex topic that spans all three levels and requires the consultant to consider a host of variables. Multiculturalism and internationalism are also examined as competencies that consulting psychologists must possess in our increasingly globalized society.


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