Assessing CEOs and Senior Leaders: A Primer for Consultants

By J. Ross Blankenship ORDER

Assessment of executive and senior-level positions requires special consideration.

Executive assessment is a specialized application of individual psychological assessment that is focused on executive and senior leadership positions. This population warrants special consideration because of the large and lasting impact they have on the health and vitality of an organization. Hiring or promotional mistakes can be costly.

Executive assessment generates valuable information to support decision‑making in circumstances characterized by uncertainty, subjectivity, and high‑stakes outcomes. The increasing pace of change in the economic and technological landscape has highlighted the need for forward‑thinking organizational leaders, and for consultants who provide guidance to organizations in the selection and development of those leaders.

Written for graduate students, practitioners, and other professionals interested in better understanding or working with this population, this book provides an overview of the theory and practice of senior leadership assessment, the contexts in which such assessment frequently takes place, and the tools and methods often used.

This text also covers complicated ethical issues and considerations for future directions of these assessments.


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