Consulting Psychology In National Security Organizations

Consulting Psychology In National Security Organizations

By Moret, Laurie B.; Greene, Carroll H. III ORDER

This book surveys the exciting opportunities that await psychologists in national security settings.

Laurie B. Moret and Carroll H. Greene III, experienced consulting psychologists, provide a richly detailed introduction for psychologists and graduate students. Their insider knowledge gives readers a rare glimpse into the workplace culture and group dynamics of national security organizations.

Moret and Greene offer tips and strategies to help consultants navigate complex challenges, such as the security clearance process. They identify important qualities, competencies, and interpersonal skills that consultants must possess to deliver effective psychological services to operations and support personnel.

Ethical dilemmas are also examined, particularly situations in which a psychologist’s professional and personal values may be tested by the nature of the work.

Case vignettes bring to life the daily roles and responsibilities of consulting psychologists, highlighting the importance of their contributions and how rewarding this work can be.


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