Coaching Psychology: Catalyzing Excellence in Organizational Leaders.

Coaching Psychology: Catalyzing Excellence in Organizational Leaders

Vicki V. Vandaveer, Michael H. Frisch ORDER

Coaching Psychology: Catalyzing Excellence in Organizational Leadership brings evidence-based methods and models to the practice of leadership coaching for professional and personal growth. The authors apply these tools with the aim of developing and improving the skills clients need to assume and/or be more effective in leadership positions in organizations.

This concise guide offers psychologists a comprehensive overview of coaching psychology, from initial client contact to the conclusion of the engagement. It describes the assortment of tools coaching psychologists use, including models to guide the process; didactic exercises and other homework that requires self-reflection, video clips, journaling, and assessment inventories; and key stakeholder feedback for identifying the individual’s great strengths (their platform for achieving their best Leader self) and suggested areas for improvement.

As the authors describe, the primary tool for facilitating learning is the coach’s self. Results of research on the effectiveness of various coaching methods are presented, along with practical discussions of how psychologists can acquire the often subtle skills required to become effective coaching psychologists. Common ethical dilemmas, such as how to handle multiple relationships, are examined, along with evidence-based strategies for addressing professional issues, such as maintaining emotional resilience.


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