Consulting Psychology Journal

Consulting Psychology Journal® is published by the Educational Publishing Foundation in collaboration with APA Society of Consulting Psychology (Division 13).

The mission of this journal is to advance knowledge and practice in all areas of consulting psychology (including but not limited to coaching, assessment, leadership, corporate consulting, consulting to schools, team consulting, etc.). This includes issues at the individual, group, and organizational/systemic levels so long as there is a consulting focus. Articles crossing two or more levels are particularly welcomed.

The journal is international in scope and is uniquely placed to reach both academic and consulting practitioner audiences. The journal publishes articles in the following areas:

  • theoretical/conceptual articles with implications for application to consulting
  • original empirical research related to consulting psychology
  • in-depth reviews of the research and literature in specific areas of consulting practice
  • case studies that demonstrate the application of consultation methods/strategies and that advance professional practice (see Lowman, R. L., & Kilburg, R. R. [2011]. Guidelines for case study submissions to Consulting Psychology Journal (PDF, 25KB)CPJ63[1], 1–5.)
  • articles on consulting psychology training practice development
  • articles advancing the scientist-practitioner and practitioner-scientist consulting psychology linkages (see Lowman, R. L. [2012]. The scientist-practitioner consulting psychologist (PDF, 30KB)CPJ64[3], 151–156).


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