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Antisemitism: An Introduction for Consulting Psychologists

June 11, 2024
6:00-7:30 PM EST
CE Credits Are Available


Event Overview

Antisemitism and antisemitic incidents have been steadily increasing in the United States since 2016 and have increased by over 300% since October 7, 2023. In this context, American Jews have reported increased mental health distress, experiences of discrimination, and increased concerns regarding safety and well-being related to their identity. As such, there is a critical need for psychologists, across contexts, to understand American Jewish identity, antisemitism, and their intersections with mental health.

This presentation will provide attendees with a broad understanding of American Jewish identity, an understanding of antisemitism and its modern manifestations as well as skills to identify and intervene upon interpersonal and institutional antisemitism. This presentation will provide specific opportunities for attendees to ask anonymous questions about Jewish identity, antisemitism, and their interactions with mental health.

Learning Objections 

1. Describe 3 modern manifestations of systemic and interpersonal antisemitism.

2. Explain at least 2 consequences of antisemitism and this phenomenon’s relationship with other forms of prejudice in the United States.

3. Describe how considerations of antisemitism may manifest in diversity-, justice-, and equity-informed spaces.

4. Identify 3 strategies to address systemic and interpersonal antisemitism


Presenter: Dr. Caroline Kaufman
Clinical Psychologist