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How to Support High-Achieving Driven Women Who Are Ambivalent About Leadership

June 28, 2024
12:00-2:30 PM ET
CE Credits Available

Event Description
What leads high-achieving, driven women to be ambivalent or reluctant about leadership despite their desire for challenging roles of impact? The answer lies in the complexity of navigating a labyrinth of organizational politics and gendered messages about leaders and leadership. Dr. Mira Brancu will share what she has learned from interviewing experts and women with lived experiences, her research, and her coaching and consulting of women on their leadership journeys in the post-COVID era. She will also share what she sees as the most egregious problems of current leadership development programs for women and what needs to change.

Learning Objectives
Participants in this program will be able to
1. Describe problems with the way current leadership coaching and development programs are currently framed that perpetuated gender biases.
2. Identify how these problems perpetuate women’s ambivalence about leadership.
3. Identify how leadership coaching and training programs can be improved to be more supportive of women’s lived experiences in their leadership journey.


Presenter: Mira Brancu, Ph.D.
 Consulting and Coaching Psychologist, Founder & CEO, Towerscope