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SCP April 2024 Town Hall Meeting

We invite you to attend a monthly one hour Town Hall via zoom hosted by Marc Sokol, our 2024 SCP President. This is an opportunity to come together as a professional community, to share your experience and discover that of other SCP members. Each month we will start with a topic of interest featuring some aspect of our society. We will then open it up to wider discussion of any topics those online wish to bring up.

2024 Town Halls meetings will feature an array of topics including:

  • How did mentors shape the progress of your career?
  • How can peer coaching raise your game as a consultant?
  • Best consulting practices from a member of our Financial Psychology Special Interest Group
  • Consulting to the United Nations and how you can contribute
  • How consulting to a family business is different (we have a Special Interest Group for that!)
  • Do you want to publish a professional book? Tips from our Consulting Series editor.

Our April Town Hall Focus Is On Brand building
Whether you see yourself as a broad-based consulting psychologist or one with a specific niche, we each need to cultivate our professional brand. How to you intentionally build business and reputation beyond ‘word of mouth’? During our April Town Hall we will have opportunity to share and discover different ways be each have been successful at brand building and what we think the future might holds for us as well. To open the dialogue will be joined by Dr. NaTasha Jordan, an I-O Psychologist and SCP member who has built a consulting psychology niche within a marketing firm. You may also know her from her brand building workshops and presentations at SCP conferences, especially through the use of social media. Some of you even know her as “Dr. J”, a consulting psychology presence on TikTok. As always, we will save some time for open dialogue on any topic of interest you might wish to raise.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday, April 29 at 6:00 PM Eastern. If you have colleagues interested in the topic and potentially interested in the Society of Consulting Psychology, please share this page with them.

See below for a schedule of Town Halls planned for the year. Members can complete the registration form once and receive monthly invites and reminders. You can also invite a non-member who might like to learn more about SCP by having them complete a registration form as well.

Time: 6:00-7:00 Eastern 


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