Call for Proposals

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August 1, 2022:  Workshop Proposals Due
August 15, 2022: Concurrent Proposals Due
October 31, 2022: Poster Proposals Due



The Society of Consulting Psychology 2023 Annual Conference

Call for Proposals

Consulting psychologists don’t all look alike. We come from many different backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and communities– where The Society of Consulting Psychology has become the “professional home” for many of us. Together, we form a broad collective of communities and leaders transforming and enhancing authentic connections across the world. As we call for proposals for the 2023 Annual Conference, we hope our program reflects the whole community of SCP across all domains of our diversity.

Many of the individuals, organizations, and communities we work with (including those we work in) face great uncertainty and significant opportunity to enact positive change. This opportunity creates a need to train and enhance our technique, have difficult conversations, and move our personal and professional tool kits into the place of most potential.

With that in mind, the Conference Committee invites you (yes, you!) to submit your proposal for the 2023 Annual Conference. We are seeking to create a high-value experience for all our members, providing both building blocks of a successful consulting psychologist and an atmosphere of hope, inspiration, and healing, allowing for conversations to bring about acceptance, and authentic connections to foster a healthy consulting work environment.

Please consider submitting a proposal, nominating a presenter that would add value to this conference, and/or sharing this announcement with colleagues from your network. To stimulate ideas for proposal submissions relevant to the theme, consider the following topics:

Assessment – A cornerstone of our work in organizations is individual, team, and organizational assessment, whether for selection, development, placement, effectiveness, or succession. Specialized tools and selection methods broadly or in specific industries will be considered.

Community: The ways that communities influence organizations and organizations influence communities are increasingly pertinent to organizational consulting. Discussions of how the concept of community is evolving, how organizations and communities coexist, and how consultants may make an impact will be considered. Service in the community, corporate social responsibility, and ethics are also topics of interest.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – While there is a revitalized interest in the role that diversity and belonging play in society and the workplace, the future holds space for innovative ways to develop authentic connections that bring us closer to self-actualization as individuals. As professionals seeking to come together with a common purpose and mission, we strive to train the trainer and increase our understanding of others’ perspectives, including the long-standing effects of trauma experienced amongst marginalized groups.

Proposals addressing equity within the workplace, inclusive leadership, recruiting and supporting diverse teams, and the many other challenges that underrepresented groups face–especially at the executive level–are essential topics that are encouraged. We welcome case studies or research that address the unique leadership challenges of marginalized groups (people with disabilities, immigrants or ex-pats, language minorities, orientation, age, etc.).

Practice and Skill Development – There are as many paths to consulting psychology as there are members of SCP, and while we all love to learn new techniques and methods, our impact is limited … we ourselves are modeling solid business practices. Proposals in this category include skills a consultant at any level can use to improve their practice development. This includes but is not limited to contracting, marketing strategy, social media, tools, and technology. Proposals integrating ethics considerations into this area will be considered a plus.

Research results – Proposals promoting consulting psychology as a science, profession, and catalyst for effective growth and change are critical to SCPs mission. Case studies and relevant research results create a vibrant area for shared learning.

Stakeholder Well-Being – Organizations today are more concerned than ever about the well-being of the humans in their stakeholder networks– Many are taking a keen interest in the practices, conditions, and environments that facilitate a healthy and vibrant workplace concurrent with supporting well-being and organizational effectiveness. We invite transformative human-centered approaches to organizational change to define and create these conditions.

Student Resources – The future of SCP and consulting psychology as a whole depends on our ability to bring students into the SCP community and not only support their growth and learning but engage them as active members of leadership. Proposals designed to address student needs or deepen their engagement with the SCP community are encouraged.

Techniques/Methods – This broad category invites discussion of new developments, instruments, and methods for working with clients. A combination of data and a strong theoretical foundation would be most interesting when considering submitting to this category. It is an opportunity to discuss new approaches or out-of-the-box thinking. Process-oriented proposals that create experiential learning opportunities is also encouraged.

Uncertainty and Disruption Management – Leading during times of disruption comes in many forms and is not new to leadership practice. Of particular interest is how leaders in severely disrupted industries such as healthcare, hospitality, education, and others have adjusted, created new ways of leading, or handled the challenges that accompany disruption. Proposals that advance our understanding of resiliency- a system’s capacity to return to its original state after a disruption, the conditions that enable returning to pre-disruption states, adjustments to permanent changes caused by disruptions, or processes used to manage them are of interest as they apply to organizations, teams, and individuals are welcome.

We will always consider proposals in other areas that expand the knowledge base of our profession and align with SCP Values. .