Become A Fellow Of Division 13, Society Of Consulting Psychology

The Division 13 Fellows Committee is seeking nominations and applications for Fellow status in the Division. Application materials are due December 1st each calendar year.

Fellows Committee Members: Greg Pennington, Ph.D., Chair (, Dee Ramsel, Rebecca Turner, Karol Waslyshyn.

The status of Fellow is a special class of APA membership intended to recognize unusual and outstanding contributions that have had national or international impact in psychology. There are two paths to Fellow status in the Division:

Members of the Society of Consulting Psychology (SC.; Division 13) who are APA members, but are not Fellows of APA through another division, may apply for Fellow status in Division 13. These “New Fellow” applicants must meet both APA criteria and Division 13 criteria for Fellow status and have their applications reviewed by both Division 13 and APA. (See criteria and process below)

APA Fellow Criteria (see for more information):
1. Doctoral degree based in part on a psychological dissertation.
2. Prior status as a member for at least one year, and nomination by a division to which the member belongs.
3. Active engagement in the advancement of psychology.
4. Five years of acceptable postdoctoral experience.
5. Evidence of unusual and outstanding contribution or performance in the field of psychology.

Division13 Fellow Criteria include:
1. Doctoral degree in some area of psychology from a regionally accredited graduate school.
2. APA and Division 13 Member for a minimum of 1 year.
3. A minimum of 5 years of experience in consultation after the doctorate.
4. Demonstrated national and/or international impact on the field of consulting psychology as evidenced through writing, teaching, and/or high impact delivery of consulting services as attested to by clients and colleagues.
5. A minimum of three letters of endorsement from current Division 13 members (two of these must be Fellows) attesting to the national or international impact of professional work. Additional letters of endorsement from clients attesting to the broad impact of work are strongly encouraged.

Process for New Fellows:
The process to apply to be a new APA Fellow is through the APA Fellows Online Application Platform. This system will allow nominees, endorsers, and Division Fellows Chairs to submit all required documents online. The online system has replaced the previous, paper-based process and all Fellows’ applications and letters of endorsement must be added to the system to be considered by the Fellows Committee.

If interested in applying for Fellowship, please reach out to one of the SCP Fellows Committee members to receive guidance in the application process and have your questions answered.

Applications for New Fellow status require letters from three current Division 13 members, two (2) of which must be from current Society of Consulting Psychology Fellows as well as completion of other materials described in the APA Fellows Online Application Platform. Please visit the Fellows webpage for more information and to access the online system: The list of current SCP (Division 13) Fellows is available on the APA website (sort by Division, member type [Fellow}, The Fellows Committee members can be contacted to discuss the kind of information needed such as the need to document IMPACT not just activities.

All materials, including letters of reference, must be completed by December 1 of each calendar year.
The candidates’ applications are reviewed by the Division Fellows Committee. Those receiving a positive recommendation, based on the SCP Fellows criteria, will be forwarded to the APA Fellows Committee for their review, in terms of APA criteria. The APA Council of Representatives must review and decide on approval of the APA Fellow candidates at their February meeting. Candidates will receive formal notification after the APA Convention in August.

Process for Current APA Fellows (those who are Fellows in other Divisions of APA):

    A member of Division 13 who is already a current Fellow of APA through another division may apply to become a Fellow of Division 13, as well. These “Current Fellows” are only evaluated by the Division Fellows Committee. Current Division 13 Fellows are good resources for information about being and becoming a Fellow. Endorsement letters from current Fellows are also required for those applying for Fellow status in 13. (See criteria and process below)

Current Fellows of APA from other divisions may apply for Division 13 Fellow status by sending a current vita and a letter highlighting the reasons that one has met the criteria for Fellow status in the Society of Consulting Psychology. A minimum of three (3) letters of endorsement are required, two (2) of which must be from current Division 13 Fellows. These letters should attest to the unique or outstanding impact to consulting psychology at the national or international level. A list of current Division 13 Fellows can be obtained from the SCP website. The Fellows Committee members can be contacted to discuss the kind of information needed such as the need to document IMPACT not just activities. These letters and other necessary materials described in the Division 13 Fellow’s Criteria should be sent via email to the Fellows Chair. (See address above.) This information does not go on the APA website. The due date for Current Fellows applications is December 1 of each calendar year. Reminder: Current Fellows’ applications are evaluated by the Division Fellows Committee only and then formally approved by APA at the APA Council of Representatives in February.

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