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Coach Training for ...

Coach Training for Executives Interested in Coaching

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Hi everyone,

I have had two recent clients who are senior in their careers ask me about coach training.I'm somewhat flattered and a little befuddled what direction to give.

One is a sales manager for a very large financial services firm who wants to be able to coach his team to stretch goals his organization has set for his team. He is also interested in starting a small coaching practice on the side. He has a long history of management and leadership in financial services and has an MBA. He has pretty strong interpersonal skills and would likely be a good coach.

The other client is an engineer and plant manager in manufacturing who is looking to transition into coaching in retirement. He's introverted and fairly reserved.

I try to be encouraging and helpful. Where would you recommend these folks consider training for industry professionals who think they want to be coaches? 

Thanks for any ideas,

Sam Turner