Creating a Safe Community Experience

The Society of Consulting Psychology is a microcosm of our larger society (albeit a well-educated microcosm!) and is subject to the biases, divisions, and inevitable misunderstandings characteristic of diverse communities. This is one reason for ethics codes and statements of acceptable behavior. Like any such community, we have seen communications and interactions that have had harmful impact on the recipients and diminished the safety and trust essential to a healthy, productive organization. Misunderstandings are inevitable and aggressive communications sometimes occur, but they must not be allowed to stand without an appropriate resolution. As a Society and as part of our mission, we are on record with a commitment to safety and a recognition of the importance of diversity,  inclusion, and the well-being of our members.

We encourage members to assume good intent when misunderstandings occur and work on clarifying and understanding viewpoints that differ from theirs. It is best to address gaps with the people involved when they happen or as soon as possible. . However, power, status, or privilege differences sometimes make it quite risky to take up an issue with the person whose communication felt assaultive or dismissive. In those cases, please reach out to Doug Riddle or one of the other members of the Trio (Larry Norton, Catherine Hambley, Marc Sokol) or our Executive Director (Heather Kennedy). We are committed to paying attention and acting responsibly to hold ourselves accountable for the psychological climate of our Society.