SCP Conference Info

We look forward to welcoming SCP 2023 Annual Conference attendees to the Westdrift hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA.

With the fluctuating circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not know exactly what the coming months may bring. We will continue to keep health and safety considerations top of mind, monitoring and adjusting plans according to CDC recommendations, public health orders, government regulations, and so on.

Our current health and safety protocols for in-person attendees include:

Vaccination Recommended

SCP has implemented a Vaccination Recommended but not required approach for all attendees, exhibitors, and SCP staff.


We will continue to monitor the state and local guidelines. While we will not mandate masks at this time we will provide masks onsite at the registration desk along with hand sanitizer outside meeting rooms and throughout the conference area.


We understand that everyone has different preferences on how they want to be approached at the conference. This year in order to respect people’s boundaries we will use the red, yellow and green system. Red will indicate you do not wish to be touched/hugged (please keep your distance). Yellow will indicate you’re ok with elbow contact (like an elbow bump). Green will indicate “hugs” are welcome.


We ask that all attendees, exhibitors and staff test within 24 hours before attending the conference. We’re a caring community and we ask that you participate responsibly. Additionally, the Conference Committee and SCP Board of Directors are currently working on providing onsite testing as needed for attendees. We will provide more information as we have it in the upcoming months.

Further Reading

  • Information about Covid cases from the state of Californiathat breaks up data for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
  • California has statewide mandates for Covid safety including a statewide mask mandate currently in effect.
  • The WestDrift hotel is located in the city of Manhattan Beach, which has local information and ordinances.
  • Manhattan Beach is subject to the Los Angeles County ordinance regarding COVID prevention measures.