Jan 18, 2023

Building trust, strengthening connection: How consulting psychologists can help clients build healthy boundaries in the workplace.

Boundary violations at work are linked to burnout, lost productivity, poor performance, and voluntary attrition. By contrast, when employees believe their voices are heard and their boundaries respected, they become more engaged with their organization. Helping clients identify, set, and maintain healthy boundaries at work enables them to build trust, improve resilience and wellbeing, and contribute to a higher-performing environment for everyone.


Sep 21, 2021

Advancing Meaningful DEI Outcomes within SCP

Recent events, grounded in historical context, have served as a catalyst for organizations to take notice and directly address the problem of inequities within our workplaces. As psychologists, it has been the status quo to acknowledge that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are important and should be ingrained in every aspect of our work. Serving as DEI champions should be intentional and deliberate throughout our consulting practices.


Apr 28, 2021

Consulting White: Self-Exploration and Growth

Dr. John Fulkerson grew up in the deep south. His early life experiences in a racially segregated community introduced him to a biased society before he had language for it.  While not everyone in his family bought into this way of thinking, some did and he was aware of discrimination. He noticed that he had limited contact with people with skin colors different from his own, and he noticed racist movies, language and stories in his surroundings.


Mar 9, 2021

A Personal Perspective on Differences An Interview with Dr. Greg Pennington

I asked Dr. Pennington about how he got involved in DE&I work and to share his perspectives on the topic. He began by stating that he believes DE&I is a broadly defined term that is about more than just race and gender. He shared that his particular area of interest is around people of color. This is in part because race has played such a significant role in the history of the United States and because of his personal identify as a Black man.


Sep 7, 2020

Shoulder to Shoulder: A Deeper Understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks

When it comes to race, allyship and activism, many of us ask ourselves and our consulting psychologist colleagues, “what should we do?” Our hearts and intentions are squarely in the right place when we ask this question. Yet, there is so much more to social change than simply acting. Our actions and choices in consulting psychology can and will make a difference; however, we must not be so quick to act without deeper understanding.


Aug 3, 2020

CPJ Spotlight: A New Model of Leadership-as-Practice Development for Consulting Psychologist

We are living in the midst of a leadership crisis. This crisis stems from a misunderstanding about what leadership is. This misunderstanding can be seen across organizations, from corporations to governments, and is perpetuated, in part, by the Leadership Development (LD) Industry. What we see today is the result of a hyper-focus on individualized leadership, which occurs when leaders are selected for their attractive qualities.


Jun 5, 2020

Strategies for Facilitating Conversations on Race

Throughout my experiences, I have seen first hand how difficult it is to facilitate conversations about race and racism. As a Black male, I personally find it challenging to express my racial experiences and perspectives to others who may not share similar backgrounds. Facilitating these conversations may often involve tension, conflict, and fear which contributes to discomfort. This may mitigate the probability of continuing dialogue.


Jan 25, 2020

CPJ Spotlight: Coaching C-Suite Executives and Business Founders

Synopsis: There are many types of senior executives, ranging from a start-up tech company CEO to the CEO in charge of $482 billion in revenues, 2.3 million employees, and nearly 12,000 retail stores across the globe (i.e., Walmart). “Corporate ultra-performers” are similar to ultra-performers in other fields – Olympic athletes, performing artists, physicians, special ops soldiers, etc. -- as they have spent years honing their skills before rising to the top.


Aug 28, 2019

fMRI Brain Scans Reveal Most Effective Motivational Techniques

Synopsis: Managers, coaches, teachers and parents often focus on fixing problems and deficiencies. Brainscans in this study suggest that may be exactly the wrong approach. Change is better encouraged by positively focusing on someone’s dreams and aspirations. Focusing on problems and challenges activates a defensive mindset that closes down an individual’s openness to change.


Aug 13, 2019

CPJ Spotlight: Operational Psychologists Coach Special-Operations Forces

Synopsis: Some of the most elite members of the American military are those in the special-operation forces (SOF), including Navy SEALS, Army Green Berets, and Air Force Air Commandos. These SOF members must have an impressive skill set ranging from reconnaissance and weapons expertise to diplomacy and comfort with cultural diversity.


Jul 30, 2019

CPJ Spotlight: Coaching Advances Physician Careers and Improves Patient Outcomes

Surgeons and ER physicians have to continuously maintain top performance in a fast-paced environment characterized by intense cognitive, physical, and technical demands. Because they are providing high-stakes medical treatment, the consequences of sub-optimal job performance are dire, including injury, disability, or death of the patient, and a potential lawsuit. Understandably, many surgeons and ER physicians struggle with burnout, anxiety, and depression.


Jul 16, 2019

CPJ Spotlight: Sport Psychology Allows Team USA Athletes to Achieve Peak Performance

Synopsis: Sport psychologists have been working with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to provide athletes with a competitive edge. A cadre of psychologists employed by the USOC works with athletes and coaches to help them achieve peak performance. These psychologists employ a host of methods, including mindfulness, competitive simulation, and virtual reality to make sure that the athletes are ready for any possible scenario.


Jun 20, 2019

The Neuroscience of Consulting

Dr. Ken Nowack (, co-editor of Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice & Research, was recently interviewed by an influential journalist/blogger.  The primary topic was the research contained in a special CPJ issue about the neuroscience of consulting, including coaching, psychological safety/interpersonal trust, habit/behavior change and enhancing employee resilience.


Dec 20, 2018

What the Christmas Trees in Zanzibar Hotels Teach Us About Good Leadership and Inclusion

While consulting to the Minister of Health of Zanzibar and the State University of Zanzibar this December, I noticed something peculiar here. In hotel lobbies across the island, there are Christmas trees of all shapes and varieties. But the island is almost 99 percent Muslim, with almost all of the hotels run by families who are not Christian, or from cultures that would celebrate Christmas.


Oct 25, 2018

Inclusion at Work

Diversity—the many ways in which people are different—can be a vital resource for groups and organizations. We know from research, for example, that diversity helps to catalyze innovation, especially under the right conditions. When we welcome and engage with diversity, we are more likely to encourage generation and sharing of new and different ideas and to bring together a greater variety of ideas, information, perspectives, and opinions—ultimately leading to better decisions and problem solving.