Month: September 2023

Sep 8, 2023

Designing Women-Centered Leadership Programs

Dr. Brancu shares her journey to consulting psychology - a winding road like so many of our SCP members. She was continually drawn to elements of consulting without having the definition for this area of impact. She notes attending the SCP Society of Consulting Psychology Annual Conference left her saying, "These are my people!" Mira shares how she became interested in supporting women in leadership as part of her company, Towerscope's, social impact model.


Sep 6, 2023

Building Leadership in STEM Environments

Special guest host Dr. Daniel Lattimore interviews Dr. Joanie Connell about her book, Consulting to Technical Leaders, Teams, and Organizations: Building Leadership in STEM Environments. Daniel asks probing questions to get Joanie to tell stories about her past that she has never shared before. Joanie talks about her experience working as an electrical engineer and how she became interested in studying psychology to help technical people communicate better with each other.